Skylar’s back!

by Kim Crow

Our beloved model, Skylar, is back in action! She was missing from our pages for several months last fall because she was planning her wedding.

Our photo shoots almost always happen on late Sunday afternoons, after the store closes — and as Skylar’s one day off a week is Sunday, she needed to spend it on far more important matters than the latest dress or tunic we wanted to photograph on her.

We have a modest little photo studio tucked way in the back of our Tremont store. The quarters are tight, and we move at a fast pace, so it’s important that we all get along.  Skylar is one of our all-time favorite people — as Tim-the-Photog says about her work, “She’s always at a party in her head.” Always upbeat, always positive, humming under her breath, utterly at ease in her own skin… yep, dammit, she’s the veritable cliche: As beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Sigh.