How do your sizes work?

This is a tough question to answer empirically! We carry such a diverse lineup of brands, and they each have their own individual quirks. A size small in Cynthia Ashby is the equivalent to a size Large in Prairie Underground, for instance. It makes creating a universal size chart a serious challenge. We work to provide specific measurements on every garment, but sometimes we miss a few. If so, simply email your request to info@evielou.com  and we’ll get back to you within a business day.

What is your shipping rate? Do you ever offer free shipping?

So sorry, but not often. We have a flat rate of $7 for domestic shipments, but UPS usually charges us between $10-$15 per shipment, so we are helping customers out a bit by having that flat rate. Unlike the Amazons of the world, investors aren’t showering us with money to keep the operation afloat – we need that $7!

Do you offer in-store pick-up?

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer this service as it became too much of a logistical challenge for our small staff to handle! Regular shipping rates apply to addresses in Northeast Ohio as with anywhere else in the country.  

Can I drop my return off in one of your stores?

Yes, as a courtesy, we can accept the merchandise in store that didn't work out, and it will be transferred back to our website headquarters within 5-7 business days. But please note that the return process happens at our website headquarters, not in the stores. You will receive email confirmation of the return when it arrives at HQ. 

Do you ship outside the United States?

Yes! We have a flat shipping rate of $30 to Canada and Mexico, and $45 for the rest of the world. We ship via the US Postal Service. Please note that it can take up to three weeks to receive your package, depending on your country’s system. If $45 seems high for the specific whisper-weight item you’re interested in, please email us and we can try to work something out for you. But shipping rates skyrocket on our end over three pounds, so we may not be able to offer lower shipping for every inquiry.

I don’t love my garment. What should I do?

We’re sorry your item didn’t work out. Our full return policy is listed here; but in a nutshell, you have 14 days to return an item to us, dating from the time it is delivered to your address, for a full merchandise refund. Shipping is non-refundable.

I do love my garment, but the size isn’t right. What should I do?

Yay, we’re halfway there! Simply shoot us an email at info@evielou.com and we’ll work with you to get you the right size. You are responsible for paying to get us the return garment, but there is no further shipping charge on exchanges. We will pay the shipping on the swapped-out size.

I love your models!

We do, too! While we work with professional beauties from time to time, most of the women featured on our product pages are women we know and love — a mix of Evie Lou customers and great-looking gals we see in our neighborhood. We like to show that women of all sizes and ages can wear the brands we carry.

Is there a real Evie Lou?

Yes! Evie is our owner’s niece. She is 10 years old, and lives in Charlotte, NC. Right before the store opened, Kim and a then four-year-old Evie were out shopping, and Kim was treating Evie to a new dress. Evie narrowed down her choices to a frilly pink dress and one in gray jersey, and to Kim’s surprise, she went with the less elaborate dress. When asked why, Evie replied, “Me just wanna be comfy… but still look nice.” As that is the perfectly imperfect summation of what Kim wanted her store to be, she named the store in Evie’s honor.