Himalaya Heel, Citrine


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Himalaya gets plenty of oohs and ahhs in our store! The shoe features a wrap-ankle strap with a single button closure and criss-cross leather uppers that are studded with rivets. It has a sleek wooden heel and leather soles. The ankle strap has been a bit large on customers with slim ankles, but the shoes otherwise run true to size. 

  • 100 percent leather.
  • 2-inch heel.
  • Designer note: All Cydwoq shoes are designed from the sole up. The insole conforms to the bottom of the foot, while the outsole and uppers support the naturally circular motion of walking. And the choice of materials is integral to the design. Leather is used because it breathes and stretches, and softens while retaining its strength.
  • Made in the USA.
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